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gluten); manufacturing/expiration dates as applicable; place of manufacturing, notes about other items manufactured in the same plant; and documentable claims about why the product exists/what it does to improve health, vitality, etc.
To meet the KHKS 0102 criteria, Toyota developed a quality manual and container inspection rules based on its extensive quality management expertise, and established a fully documentable hydrogen tank quality management system that extends to affiliated parts companies.
What in your camp may appear to be modern or out of place, but is actually documentable to your specific impression?
Because these rounds are tracked regarding field performance, they are the ones that have the most documentable records.
Vital point to note here is that the non-migration cost is only the documentable cost as this does not include costs related to business loss due to security and data breach threats, productivity loss and other similar factors.
Have your facts documentable, confirmed, stay logical and don't let anyone goad you.
Such is documentable by original ammunition catalogs.
With the Arts Co-op office's expert help, we surveyed current English graduate students and led focus groups with employers and students to collect documentable data on student need and employer demand.
Because of its general interest topic, clear focus on the documentable facts of financial and social history, and very fine writing style, the book will appeal to a wide range of scholarly and general readers.
The Ethnohistory of the Chowchilla Yokuts" is a groundbreaking treatise that defines and traces the documentable history of the Chowchilla Yokut tribe of Central California from the 1800's and their earliest known origins to the present.
In light of this, Larson said, advisors should ensure they have a "strong documentable fiduciary process.
Previous experiments in which human judges coded facial movements found documentable differences in eye contact at times when subjects told a high-stakes lie.