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Company B made the presumption that individualized, customized documentation templates are highly valued by all anesthesia groups, including those of the hospital in our example.
So in December 2005 the ASB tightened the requirements governing documentation by issuing SAS no.
A second driver of change that increases the importance of documentation at the input supply and farm level are new regulations in the U.
Subprime loans with alternative documentation compared favorably with loans with full documentation with respect to two key parameters: credit score and LTV ratio, the report noted.
In recent years, the German tax authority has attempted to introduce additional, partly contemporaneous, documentation rules for the specific purpose of supporting transfer prices.
They are driven by a scorecard framework integrated with process-engineering flowcharts that are linked to supporting documentation.
The failure to maintain an accurate MDS and quarterly assessments can typically trigger a series of documentation deficiencies, direct care inconsistencies, and reimbursement complications.
The release of a server based speech recognition engine is part of our goal to lead the healthcare market toward clinical documentation solutions that leverage the full power of speech recognition," said Robert Weideman, VP Marketing at ScanSoft.
The most important part of his workday is making sure the documentation is right.
Sebald, who appeared here in a video produced by the CCCB, carried to an extreme the pseudo-authentic effect created by conventions of image documentation, in that he combined it with fiction.
Because all RIM professionals deal with dwindling resources and time constraints, well-written, concise documentation that informs users of what information they need, when they need it, and in a format that they can relate to is of utmost importance.
Documentation about medication includes the reason for using the medication and an evaluation of the medication's effect.

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