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Dodge Legends: The Trucks features an evolution of models that established Dodge's leadership in the truck market.
A collection of the fastest, strongest, most powerful and capable trucks to ever wear the Dodge badge will be showcased in Dodge Legends: The Trucks, an exhibition of 18 legendary vehicles, Wednesday, Oct.
1920 Dodge "Screenside" Commercial Car - The oldest truck in the exhibition features the same Dodge-built body as the first "commercial car" introduced three years earlier.
Since then the Dodges have dedicated themselves to finding a good home for each imperiled equine they come in contact with, or at least providing a safe resting spot for the animal's waning years.
Rocky and Sly and Lit'l Bit and Mello and Molly all vie for visitors attention, sniffing and nuzzling a newcomer or wrapping their elegant necks around their owner Mike Dodge in what Dodge playfully calls a ``horsie hug.
It's extraordinary that these horses should be so eager for human contact, given that humans have starved, beaten, whipped, tripped, and in some cases, come just to the brink of slaughtering them before Dodge and his wife, Christine, intervened.
With 400 foot pounds of torque, the Ram Cummins Diesel is almost as much fun to drive as a couple of my other favorite Dodges -- my personal 1978 Dodge Li'l Red Truck and the incredible new Viper.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- The 100,000th Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel rolled off the final assembly line to the cheers of Dodge City Assembly Plant workers with Chrysler President Robert A.
1956 Dodge Royal Lancer D-500 -- The D-500 was a pivotal car for Dodge, and marked the brand's transition from conservative family vehicles to absolute race-ready performance cars, making Dodge a serious contender in NASCAR, forever transforming Dodge's image.
1929 Dodge Senior Six Roadster -- The first full year of Chrysler Corporation ownership of Dodge Brothers resulted in the elevation of the company's Senior models to a level of luxury not seen in any previous Dodge vehicles.
Bondurant attendees will get to experience the full line of Dodge/SRT vehicles, including the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger Hellcats
Bondurant's entire fleet of cars is being converted over to Dodge Chargers, Challengers and Vipers