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That tribute, says Doe, left the band ``flabbergasted,'' ``amused'' and ``flattered'' even.
Possibly overwhelmed by the cost of cleaning up the military's mess, Bush decided that the DOE could begin to reclassify high-level nuclear waste as "incidental" meaning it is subject to less stringent cleanup standards.
Government payouts of taxpayers, money to corporate lawyers representing private interests are in no way limited to controversies involving the DOE.
Like a prima donna making a triumphant entrance, the cow walks confidently to the water's edge, seeming to nod to the departing doe as if to send her packing.
DOE funds approximately $46 million in projects; other agencies fund an estimated $10 million in projects at DOE labs.
Ploi[99] used DOE to study NR/BR and BR/SBR blends.
The notices of October 13, 2006, are yet another example of DOE burdening Nevadans with short time limits and inadequate information for meaningful participation," Loux wrote in his letter to Edward Sproat, director of DOE's Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management.
The Daily News first disclosed in 1989 that a DOE survey had found massive radioactive and chemical contamination at the site, triggering a cleanup.
01 for DOS automates both full-factorial and fractional-factorial DOE.
The Clinton administration bills O'Leary as an agent of change; the first-ever energy secretary with private-sector, energy experience; the right person to hack the bloated DOE down to size.
Whether you're crazy about playing Doe Doe Dee Dee, or it drives you crazy, once you've played it, you'll never forget it
Today, the Department of Energy (DOE) generates less than 5 percent of the isotopes sold globally Those it does produce, GAO notes, "are not otherwise available domestically and some have [only] a limited worldwide backup source.