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Her vocation survived (perhaps even triumphed over) the chaos experienced by many religious following Vatican II; the Sisters of Sion in Canada doffed their habit and abandoned adherence to the strict rule of their order.
HATS must be doffed to a band who can sound like Kraftwerk or Ultravox one minute, Black Sabbath the next, then Van Halen two minutes later.
Since the early '70s, the 55-year-old CEO of Lincoln Electric has regularly doffed his suit and tie for the grease-stained uniform of a race car pit crewman.
With a flash of inspiration, the normally reserved members of the white coat and glasses brigade dropped their test-tubes and doffed their studious image to make a spectacle of themselves.
Then he quietly doffed his suit jacket and, just as quietly, blew my sleep-encrusted, caffeine-deprived mind.
Yarn quality of the wound package which is preserved being the bobbins prepared and automatically doffed on the ring frames without any operator handling or loading into separate boxes.
PAUL GASCOIGNE has doffed his cap at Shamrock Rovers for putting the frighteners into Tottenham.
Other Rear View highlights include images of a biker who has donned a leather jacket and doffed everything else.
DOFFED caps to the Queen Mum for leaving the Castle of Mey to the nation.
SKIPPER Robbie Keane last night doffed his cap at Kevin Kilbane who reaches a unique milestone tonight.