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During doffing the bobbin rail lowers and slides out horizontally, just like the fully-automatic model.
The DOL and the courts will also recognize, in certain circumstances, that the amount of time spent donning and doffing may be so insignificant that, for practical purposes, it cannot be recorded for payroll purposes.
Unless the time spent donning and doffing is specifically excluded from compensable time as a matter of collective bargaining, it is work time for which employees must be paid.
In the six months to 30 June 2011 Doffing recorded GAAP revenue of USD9.
Country: , USASector: Petroleum/Natural Gas/Coal, Machinery/EngineeringTarget: W L Doffing LPBuyer: Hunting PLCDeal size in USD: 22.
8) In 1999, IBP employees filed a class action lawsuit to recover compensation for their preproduction and postproduction work, including the time spent donning and doffing protective gear, and for the time spent walking between the locker rooms and the production floor both before and after their assigned shifts.
Alvarez decision addressed the nexus of Steiner's donning and doffing "principal activity" classification with the continuous workday rule.
Tyson said donning and doffing, as referred to in the lawsuit, is nothing more than putting on clothing, "which in our plants, typically includes a hair-net, earplugs and a white lab coat," the news release said.
Doffing shoes and socks, the viewer entered a darkened room, divided in half by a wall, whose floor was completely covered in a thick layer of squishy talcum powder.
LONDON -- Hunting PLC (LSE:HTG) ("Hunting" or the "Company"), the international energy services company today announces the completion of the acquisition of the business and assets of W L Doffing, L.
The intelligent management and the automatic vertical doffing machine by Nanjing Lingdong Textile Equipment Co.
Tenders are invited for Supply of best quality moksha break resistant special belnd abs simplex bobbins suitable for lakshmi lf4200/ax auto doffing speed frames 16/400 mm lift, 450 mm verall lenth 48 mm outside a with special funnel polyacetal (pom) bush for minimum wear in 25.