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Without doglike Gollum, the Ring would not have been destroyed.
At the Biennale, a doglike nationalism always sends me to it first to see what problems it's caused and what favors it's granted.
Yet to prove to Satan Job's doglike fidelity, God allows Job to be tortured.
Doglike humility, doglike complacency, doglike love, finally.
An analysis of mitochondrial DNA taken from ancient doglike and wolflike fossils shows that living dog species are most closely related to a line of wolves that once roamed Europe.
Could it be possible that this small doglike creature in front of him was truly King of All Animals?
With sensors in its paws and colour cameras for eyes, the Chihuahua sized cyberpet can walk, sit, roll over, wag its tail, beg and play with a bright pink ball plus a host of other doglike actions.
A teacher who tells the story to her schoolchildren then lives the plot, as she herself becomes the object of the affections of the doglike lover.
was so shocking to me that a howl as doglike as her own rose in me unuttered and died again" (p.