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Leaving the question of dogmatic definitions aside, it is well to recall what the Church believes already.
They are acting in deliberate defiance of what the Second Vatican Council taught, especially in its dogmatic constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium.
For two thousand years, the Catholic Church has survived the assaults of her critics, even the most dogmatic ones, very well.
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Among them were the direct creation of the human soul, original sin, the virginal birth of Jesus, the perpetual virginity of Mary, the atonement of sins by Jesus, the sacrifice of the Cross continued in the Eucharist, the infallibility of the Church, the hierarchical priesthood, and another nine major points of dogmatic and four points of moral theology.
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At no time did I ever speak or write in dogmatic fashion about Medjugorje.
Dogmatic and snobby, they carry on as though possessed of some arcane knowledge.
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even toddlers recognize that, for the most part, adults today just go through the motions of child-rearing, occasionally mentoring, not wishing to appear unyielding, inflexible, or dogmatic.
While this sector has become expensive, we believe TMT companies with sound fundamentals can still provide attractive returns, so the Fund maintains its overweighting," said Peak, whose mission is "always be pragmatic, not dogmatic.