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Some members of the outgoing boards (of public companies) hold a dogmatically opposite view.
Particularly given the current economic climate, the emphasis should surely be placed on helping those most in need of support, instead of dogmatically following a one-eyed agenda.
The Government remains dogmatically committed to retaining an element of payment by results, despite overwhelming opposition from teachers.
Cyprus' special circumstances, related to the fact that all the political parties and unions are dogmatically opposed to privatisation.
The alternative, and the view Wales and Scotland have dogmatically taken so far, is that England must go it alone.
There is an similar intransigence among the anti-drugs lobby who dogmatically oppose any form of legalisation despite evidence of the widespread recreational use of soft drugs.
The government claims that the state will maintain a controlling interest, in an attempt to keep both the troika and the political parties that are dogmatically opposed to the sale of the SGOs, happy.
In Bally's paintings nothing is detached, nothing is dogmatically abstract.
When people such as this author dogmatically hold on to Darwin's theories without having any scientific proof to back them up, meaning repeatable experiments, they show their true colors.
This might be too much to expect from President Christofias who is dogmatically opposed to pay cuts and has made a big contribution to the public demonisation of the troika.
These were about-turns by a man, who was dogmatically opposed to the sale of public assets to private business, and a practical response to criticism he was a prisoner of his ideological obsessions.
It may explain why he is dogmatically opposed to Turkey's demand for a five-party conference, in which Turkey and Greece would participate.