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As the BJP government allows 100 per cent FDI in single brand retail by doing away the requirement of 30 per cent sourcing through 'Make in India', the PM and FM's duplicity and doublespeak stand exposed," he said.
The ministry had proposed doing away with the norm in the bill introduced in 2016 to amend the Companies Act.
The aviation secretary, however, dismissed suggestions of linking the removal of the 520 rule and doing away with the route dispersal guidelines, arguing that the two were not just introduced at different points in time but were also meant to serve different objectives.
Doing away with a festive launch for the Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, Globe will instead use the event to extend further assistance for the survivors.
Earlier in 2007, the Maharashtra Assembly approved the proposal for doing away with the secret ballot in Council polls.
The whole episode could be put to rest by completely doing away with the MPs' right to claim expenses.
The plan is to build a car that has half the components of a regular one by doing away with bits like the dashboard and making the doors out of two parts rather than about a dozen.
SEC has taken a significant step in relaxing mark-to-market rules -- not doing away with them completely as some have been arguing, but allowing.
Gordon Brown gave it to us, then took it back again by doing away with the 10p tax band.
Their decision puts new pressure on President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has said he was determined to modernise France with vast reforms, including doing away with special retirement benefits for rail workers and employees of several other sectors.
Among Bishop Geoffrey Robinson's ideas is doing away with the bishop's miter.
Canyon wasted no time doing away with Royal, scoring three quick touchdowns in the first quarter on DiLuigi's 31-yard run, followed by a 9-yard touchdown pass from Ben Longshore to Michael Loucks and a 37-yard fumble return for a touchdown by Mike Spagnola.