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Political scientists feel that doing away with the secret ballot and introducing the open ballot system would result in a political party having control over its MLAs as they would have to show a ballot to the Whip or representative.
SEC has taken a significant step in relaxing mark-to-market rules -- not doing away with them completely as some have been arguing, but allowing banks to value mortgage backed securities with models that nearer reflect their cash-flow worth rather than basing values from fire-sale prices in a non-functioning market.
Its cabin revolves 360 degrees on top of a wheeled platform, doing away with the need to reverse.
In a brilliant marketing move, Kia is doing away with the paradox that sees motorists wanting to save money by having to spend more in the first place.
At 27, Schneider has the same responsibilities and accountability as her counterpart Harrex: implementing a value pricing culture--and doing away with the timesheet.
Nazi euthanasia meant doing away with citizens considered of lesser value.
Assuming no single named "style," Heilmann critically cites the effects and affects of the cliches of modernism and Minimalism but never with the intention of doing away with either.
That means doing away with programs that will not be that easy to re-introduce in two years once funding has been set in place.
A lot of people are doing away with their home phones and they don't realize that their cell phone is not traceable.
Doing away with the program will be a challenge, because it would require anti-gun proponents to admit that one of their pet programs doesn't work.
It will introduce sweeping changes to the way the department hires, pays, promotes, disciplines, and fires its 700,000 civilian workers, doing away with antiquated practices England said have bogged down the department for decades.
This is another example of doing away with our traditions, such as the proposals to evict the remaining 92 hereditary peers from the House of Lords.