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The solution is doing one thing and doing it well: representing actors for actors interests.
With only doing one in major urban markets a year, we felt the Crescent Court was a perfect fit," said Norman Abdallah today.
Scott told the audience, "It's not just one or two people who make this possible; it's almost 50,000 Cracker Barrel employees doing one simple thing, and that is serving customers the way they want to be served.
Pontiac is known for innovative design and engineering that results in exciting products with outstanding performance, while GMC is known for doing one thing--trucks--and doing it well," said Sheila Powell, Regional Divisional Marketing Manager for Pontiac/GMC in GM's South Central Region, based in Irving, Texas.
If Foster truly had no idea, either he's been doing a masterful job of convincing us he's smarter than a doorknob or UCLA is doing one sloppy job of explaining NCAA regulations.
He had the foresight to base his concept around one entree item traditionally thought of as an appetizer, the chicken wing, realizing that if his restaurants focused on doing one thing really well they would become known as "The Wing Experts.
I am so happy and proud of the work our youth will be doing one day to make this canyon even more beautiful than it already is and at the same time restore an important native habitat," Liu said.
Three other women took part as a team, each doing one event, while 80 men completed the full course at The Curragh camp.
Because counting on your fingers while you're doing one of those Masonic handshakes must be bloody difficult.
But it was Rowley that skated lines while others were doing one off tricks.