dollar currency

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dollars, Canadian dollars and a Canadian dollar currency hedged class.
Operating across the Middle East and North Africa region, the company issues dollar currency Credit and Charge Cards: The Centurion[sup.
Egypt is suffering from a severe lack in the dollar currency, and the continuation of the pound's decline against foreign currencies, which significantly increased the imports bill, and further burdened the Egyptian pound.
Perhaps, the most important factor has been the fall in crude oil inventories in the United States for the first time this year, with the decline in imports and US dollar currency exchange rate.
The current fall in global oil price coupled with reduced production of oil in South Sudan has resulted to scarcity of dollar currency in the young nation.
That's what seems to justify the ICB continuing to hold big reserves of US dollar currency at a time of economic woes.
Libya's oil output has shrunk further after blazing oil tanks at a major terminal helped push world oil prices higher and put a strain on the country's dollar currency reserves.
In the medium term, these international issuances will remain driven by sovereign and government-related issuers from the GCC countries because of their US dollar currency pegs.
5 billion approved for 50 tenge per one dollar currency rate).
Highlighting the exchange rate position, the minister said the non-availability of dollar currency notes and speculative activities in the market were the main reasons behind dollar volatility.
I mentioned that as concrete acts the BRICS countries have agreed to a 100 billion dollar currency reserve arrangement.