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when the press writes, 'Unlike his dolt of a father.
All but a discombobulating dolt would understand, that has nothing to do with racism.
Redmond shout next of Scotland' Alex Mann, who plays his right-hand man, is highly watchable as smarmy dolt, Egham.
It has been a time when all but the biggest dolt has come to realise we have to tackle climate change, when Facebook, Twitter and YouTube revolutionised our lives and when Bruce Springsteen played for more than two hours at Glastonbury: all these things, in hindsight, have made this a splendid time.
But such is technology these days that a trip to town is no longer accompanied only by the tss-tss-tss of some hi-hat being tinkered with and broadcast via the earphones of a dolt listening to Mr Eminem or The James Last Orchestra at full tilt on a not-very-personal MP3 player.
He is, by my reckoning, more than simply a prat or a dolt, as he has been described in Tory circles.
So that some dolt can spend seven days in a place that represents no more of a punishment than an early-season week at a holiday camp.
Someone who won't blind you with techie jargon and treat you like a complete dolt if you don't know your spam from your spyware.
So if it works when we've had a dolt sent off, why the hell shouldn't it work as a basis for English success?
The first is Basilio, a compassionate, sensitive, yet puffy and moon-faced young man who is misunderstood and maligned by a world which never bothers to find out that he is not the slow dolt they take him for.
But when the entry requirement for a group is pretty much that you are an opinionated dolt - and then shove 20 of them into a small room - you end up with a three-hour debate over whether to go for curry or Chinese.
Either that or I could just witter on like the dolt I am - here's to another 12 years