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11 will deservedly be chastised as an insensitive dolt and be duly punished at the polls.
Le lecteur dolt composer avec quelques remarques sentencieuses et considerations specieuses, telle celle sur la naissance de Levesque dans une gare [much less than] qui laisse peut-etre aussi presager des dispositions particulieres au mouvement, au changement, au voyage, a l'ouverture sur le monde [much greater than] (p.
Mendelian) genetic effects (Biere 1991; Platenkamp and Shaw 1993; Montalvo and Shaw 1994; Schmid and Dolt 1994; Byers et al.
He figured there as a tongue-tied brute who appeared a dolt because he could only stammer.
On neither occasion did I see anything in Williamson resembling the vacuous dolt you portrayed in your article.
Nor was Hood the bumbling dolt that many writers have depicted.
A "doodle" is a colloquial word for "a trifler, a dolt," and the verb "doodle" is taken by many to mean "make a fool of, cheat.
What the hell was the Hartlepool FE College thinking to allow such a dolt within yards of all children except her own unfortunate brood?
569 PITCHING SHUTOUTS PITCHER TEAM YEAR SHO Dolt Luque Reds 1921 3 Dolt Luque Reds 1923 6 Dolt Luque Reds 1925 4 Camilo Pascual Senators 1959 6 Camilo Pascual Twins 1961 8 Camilo Pascual Twins 1962 5 Luis Tiant Indians 1966 5 Luis Tiant Indians 1968 9 Luis Tiant Red Sox 1974 7 Jose Contreras White Sox 2007 2 WINS PITCHER TEAM YEAR W Dolt Luque Reds 1923 27 Mike Cuellar Orioles 1970 24 ERA PITCHER TEAM YEAR ERA Dolf Luque Rods 1923 1.
Perhaps retirement would be ideal for a supercilious and overbearing, arrogant, puffed up, swell-headed, inflated, high and mighty, stuck up, toffee-nosed, nose in the air snob, haughty, disdainful, holier than thou, ungracious, strutting, swaggering, pleased as punch, bumptious, conceited, pompous dolt on a bike.
If this dolt does become president of the United States, we can all start digging the nuclear bunkers.
Only a discombobulating dolt would not notice this and cling with pathetic desperation to the last vestiges of past glory.