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The Federalists' comments, far from being doltish and worthless, make it clear that the Bill was about limiting government through popular sovereignty.
Cape Town's foreshore is one of the most unfortunate in the world, cut off from the city centre by a motorway and the doltish '60s towers of the Central Business District.
The proffered quotation from Luther's Table Talks, according to which "God has preserved the church through the schools" may also be found in the Sermon on Keeping Children in Schools no matter what their doltish and obscurantist parents might think.
In contrast to the profound "mystery" of Shakespeare's tragedic characters, and the sometimes wearing publicness of Jonson's, many of Middleton's major characters are awkwardly disjunct, making them seem doltish about the big picture of which they are a part.
Some were predominantly cultural: Mason's own review of de Montalk's account of his prison experience, finding his writing undisciplined but useful as a revolt against 'the brutal doltish lumpishness of the wowseristic bourgeoisie'; Monro's review of Nelle Scanlan's Tides of Youth as journalistic and melodramatic, but better than no New Zealand novels at all; Monro's review of drama in Auckland, and Geoffrey Fairburn's of the Brahms Centenary in Auckland.
Already, Loury, Watts, and Parker offer pro-forma criticisms of their allies' inattentiveness to the persistence of white racism, and even the doltish Connerly backs and fills, acknowledging the need to maintain some of the very anti-discrimination mechanisms he has made it his mission to destroy.
Brown, Judy Dench plays a crisp Queen Victoria besotted with a Scottish servant; in Love and Death on Long Island (a Canada-British co-production), John Hurt plays a crisp English intellectual besotted with a doltish American teen idol (Jason Priestly cruelly typecast).
Does it mirror the predicament of the Romantic artist who is forced by a doltish public to conceal his subversive message with artistic strategies?
Callicles mocks the bribe, however, and sullies his own innocent image even further in the cynical passage in which he castigates Pausanias for being superstitious and doltish in believing that the girl's "trances" are indeed death and that Empedocles has the power to restore life.
The by-products of nuclear radiation, Barbarian Moron and his equally doltish sidekick, Invisible Torso Man, embark on a hilarious quest in search of their one true love - war.
Your doltish pronouncements, once decoded for their satirical intent, served as some of TV's shrewdest analysis of politics, global affairs and the media.
Then, as she is forced to slow down, the doltish blokes she has left in her slipstream can simply cruise up beside her and overtake, giving her a smile and wave as they do so.