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Not sure if I need to contact a solicitor but my partner has been charged with domestic violence charges breach of bail and breach of avo,currently on remand in Park lea Prison.NSW After talking with him we have decided that we would like to give our relationship one more chance and I would like to withdraw all charges and the avo. How can I go about this. I have provided his solicitor with a letter stating that I want to with draw all charges and also sent a copy to Campbell town Local Court and the DPP not sure if this is correct. I am not going to be able to make it to court next Wednesday for his next bail hearing so I was hoping that someone would be able to advise me of what I will need to do.


Try speaking to the prosecutor--they have the right to continue to pursue the case on their own (even if you don't want them to) but if they feel this was a one-time incident and will never happen again--they may drop it; they want to make sure no abuse is continuing once you two are back together--
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She ended up filing domestic violence charges against me
Mayweather's love of money, his ability to pick fights at just the right time and the domestic violence charges he has pleaded guilty to, shouldn't dilute his majesty in the ring.
The goalie was arrested last year on domestic violence charges after allegedly assaulting her teenage nephew and half-sister at their home.
One of the sons told Al-Jadeed his father had kicked his mother out of the house over the weekend following a row presumably linked to her pressing domestic violence charges against him earlier this month.
Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy faces possible NFL discipline even though prosecutors Monday dismissed domestic violence charges against him after the accuser couldn't be found.
Rice was portrayed as a thug, and sports reporters called on the NFL to fix a problem in which too many players were playing with domestic violence charges against them.
Immediately following the release of video last week showing former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiance in an elevator, the Hotline's call volume increased by 84% and has remained higher than normal with spikes happening after each new report about domestic violence charges against NFL players.
He was the subject of an earlier manhunt in Oregon in 2012, when he was wanted for violating his parole in Lane County, reckless driving in Gresham, domestic violence charges in Vancouver, Wash.
50 Cent has pleaded not guilty to domestic violence charges.
Hours after getting out of jail on domestic violence charges, a Colorado man shot his way into a house and killed his ex-girlfriend, her sister and her sister's husband, authorities said.
The church was founded by pastor Creflo Dollar who, earlier this year, was arrested on domestic violence charges stemming from an alleged assault on his teenage daughter.

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