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Aquacultural practices seek to find ways to domesticate the production of marine resources in order to increase yields without further depleting the wild marine resources--an eco-friendly way to get fish and seafood to market.
Yet Diamond, unlike most geographers, focuses not on soil fertility and minerals but on the ability of humans to domesticate plants and animals.
About 10-11,000 years ago, some people began to domesticate some of these plants and animals.
Eurasians were lucky that they had many more suitable species of plants and animals to domesticate, particularly in respect to grains and large animals.
6000-4000 BC) in the Near East, man learned how to domesticate animals and raise crops.
native North Americans began to domesticate plants in what is now the American southwest.
Early contributors, such as Arndt, perceived relationships as attempts to domesticate the market.
By contrast, his friends in New Guinea were saddled with less-nutritious foods to farm and only goats to domesticate.