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The suggestion of two separate domestications (groups B and C) in the western Fertile Crescent raises the interesting possibility of two geographically separate routes of barley introduction into Europe during the initial expansion of agriculture.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Domestications or Hanover at (800) 453-1106 between 9 a.
Four years ago, Mueller and a group of collaborators characterized some of the mystery fungi as varieties in the family of parasol mushrooms and began the task of tracing the history of its domestication.
Phylogeography of Asian wild rice, Oryza rufipogon, reveals multiple independent domestications of cultivated rice, Oryza sativa.
Domestications splashed 10 percent off all over its catalog, and at times combined it with other promotions.
Pellenberg first joined Hanover Direct in 1983 where he founded Domestications and developed it to become one of the industry's leading specialty home furnishings catalogs.
Scientists generally trace the domestication of the wild ox, or aurochs, to about 10,000 years ago in ancient Turkey or nearby parts of southwest Asia.
Several years ago, the Company Store and Domestications were consolidated under John DiFrancesco [current president of the Company Store group].
Domestications offers a broad assortment of value priced proprietary and branded home furnishings merchandise also through its web site and catalog.
Whitehead resigned as vice president of merchandising for Domestications last month.
Domestications decorates dream homes quickly, easily and always with an eye toward value.
Hanover Direct has integrated its Domestications and The Company Store divisions.