dominant characteristic

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The definition of child pornography in the Criminal Code currently includes any child (under 18) involved, or appearing to be involved, in sexual activity; any visual whose dominant characteristic is showing, for a sexual purpose, sexual or anal regions of the child; and any material that advocates or counsels sexual activity with a child.
While racism tended to be the dominant characteristic of the American army, Keene argues that the picture was more complicated.
For now, resistance to structural changes is the dominant characteristic of Mexico's political landscape.
1 includes visual representations "the dominant characteristic of which is the depiction, for a sexual purpose, of a sexual organ or the anal region" of a person under the age of 18 years.
Such asymmetric approaches--whether undertaken by state or nonstate actors--will become the dominant characteristic of most threats to the U.
The dominant characteristic of Jesus's ministry, identified by John Dominic Crossan as "open commensality," is a notable example of this principle of spiritual unity -- and a direct challenge to institutional structure (Crossan, Jesus: The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant [San Francisco: Harper, 19901]).
Another interreligious article, Hwelinskij's "Psychological and Sociological Aspects of Tolerance," deals with the theoretical "understanding of tolerance as a dominant characteristic of interreligious dialogue in contemporary pluralistic society" (p.
Simply stated, in an environment whose dominant characteristic is mistrust, how can managers bring about significant increases in productivity?
The 16-year-old company presented uncluttered designer pieces in lightweight cherry and beechwood with translucent colorations, such as pumpkin and espresso, a dominant characteristic.
The globalized economy that is a dominant characteristic of today's and tomorrow's world creates a fundamental challenge to workers everywhere.
He still has plenty of chances to remind Americans of the public service that has been the dominant characteristic of his adult life, starting with his election to local office in Kansas, to being elected and re-elected to Congress and then moving up to the U.
I'm in favour of that if it means that the skill and commitment now shown in League is the dominant characteristic.