dominant quality

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European pragmatism has been the dominant quality in recent World Cup instalments.
The percentage of women, who chose "daring" as the President's dominant quality, is almost double the number of men (12.
In general, file audits remain the dominant quality measurement methodology and still focus on the timely completion of "appropriate transactions," commonly called best practices.
This is an actress whose dominant quality is self-awareness, and Novalee is nothing if not oblivious, in the first third of the film.
A solution that focuses on the common weal, with its connotations of the abstract welfare state and redistribution in the form of money payments, will not grasp the more important aspects of unemployment and poverty today: on the one hand, that large numbers of people are permanently denied a crucial form of social participation and meaning, and on the other, that work itself, including the various forms of women's labour, has lost its once dominant quality as a realm of ontological necessity -- and constraint -- for all.
A recent survey of workers' comp claims payers found that retrospective file audits remain the dominant quality measurement methodology used by claims organizations.