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At Eaglewood, those students who bully others personally hold more dominative masculine attitudes.
The essay "Reflections on American 'Left' Literary Criticism" deploys Gramsci to remind such American critics that their theoretical radicalism is always-already contained by the hegemonic apparatus of the state, and that real radicalism will necessitate explicitly thinking through that reifying and bureaucratizing dominative and discursive machinery.
Accordingly, he can now argue that, although a dominative prelacy takes away the freedom of those subject to it, a directive one does not.
authority not to wield dominative power but rather to forge new paths
Violence, good old fashioned "patriarchal" violence, comes in many forms, not only the obvious dominative violence of political and military power-over, but also the violence of economic tyranny and the violence of environmental exploitation.
Foucault's work challenges us to ask how we take up new relationships to ourselves, and so to others, that rely on less dominative strategies, that give over less of our bodies, intellects, and freedom to institutions, traditions, and governments that do not serve the critical practices of human flourishing.
If we refuse consent to dominative teachings, the Vatican bureaucracy loses its power of control.
Out of international languages, you need to actively study English that is currently the most dominative language in the world.
S]pectacular opacities contest the dominative imposition of transparency systematically willed on to black figures" (8).
Theology, too, should move away from models utilizing dominative, manipulative reason.
In an ecological construct the very notion of domination would be one of the primary targets for deconstruction; dominative masculinity would be replaced with relational masculinity, where all are seen as subjects and not as dominatable objects.
Sadly, however, Bell's character then relapses into the world of the old-fashioned dominative racist, comparing his law school to "a professional basketball team.