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31) To Pieris, "reform" referred to a top-down process of change as witnessed in Vatican I and Trent, while Vatican II was a "renewal" council that found its genesis in the periphery before surging to the center (see Aloysius Pieris, "The Roman Catholic Perception of Other Churches and Other Religions after the Vatican's Dominus Jesus," East Asian Pastoral Review, vol.
While Dominus acknowledges that Amy Chua had extremely high expectations for her daughters and used outrageous tactics to push her young daughters to succeed, she found the book to be "entertaining, bracingly honest, and, yes, thought provoking" (p.
The technical standard of the recording is high, and the booklet contains both an interestingly conceived, information packed text by Robert Hugo and the texts of the pieces Dixit Dominus, Laetetur omne saeculum and Vezirius Turcicus.
During the later segments of "Nisi Dominus," however, a slower tempo allowed him to produce an incredible, church-filling wail.
Dixit Dominus, written for Rome when he was only 22, is resplendent with vocal virtuosity and driving energy, clearly designed to demonstrate his ability to write in the florid Italian style.
The show, which will see the Orchestra of the Baroque accompany the choir, will start with Handel's Dixit Dominus, and be followed by Vivaldi's Gloria in D major.
The University of Ottawa, founded in 1848 by the Roman Catholic Oblates of Mary Immaculate, has retained its Christian motto, Deus Scientiarum Dominus Est--"God is the Lord of the Sciences"--despite now being a secular institution.
In other words, as spelled out in the document Dominus Iesus (Jan.
The kingdom and all that is in it is conversely "owned" by and in the control of the dominion and ultimately the Dominus.
His pivotal 2001 document Dominus Iesus insisted the Catholic Church is "the only portal to salvation.
Before closing the doors of the old building for good in 2000, the museum hired the architecture firm led by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron (then relatively unknown in the US) in 1999 on the strength of their work on small galleries such as the Sammlung Goetz in Munich, and the Dominus Winery in Napa Valley, California.