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I don't only just believe it, Marse Tom, I know it.
As you say, it's all right to tell you, but don't let the boys know I blabbed, or Prince will take my head off.
Chilton, you don't mean--you didn't try to get somebody's hand and heart once, like Mr.
You know Prince Andrew gave you complete freedom- if it is really so; but I don't believe it
There aren't any mice or woodchucks in that hole, so don't be foolish.
Huck, there's something mighty curious about this one, don't you know?
You tell me to marry Alexey, and say I don't think about it.
And I don't care if it is," retorted Davy recklessly.
Dev- ils don't slosh around much of a Sunday, I don't reckon.
She says she don't want anything more to do with you," Billy said to him.
All right," I says, "I don't want nothing more out of YOU than just your word -- I druther have it than another man's kiss-the-Bible.
Yes, I will blame you if you don't come and see me soon.