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These men don't bat an eyelid when it comes to forging passports or securing a berth on an illegal ship as human cargo to reach their promised land.
Now attitudes have changed and people don't bat an eyelid when they see a scooter in the street.
People I meet outside of work often think my job is an unusual role for a woman, but those who have known me for a long time don't bat an eyelid because I was always making things, even when I was young.
Commuters don't bat an eyelid at the sight as they scurry to work.
MOST people would run a mile from a set of scales if its reading said two tonnes but the elephants at West Midlands Safari Park don't bat an eyelid.
They don't use them themselves and don't bat an eyelid if somebody dies.
It's a great team to be with and although it's mostly men, I don't bat an eyelid.
Such is his brazen attitude that traders in the Carmarthenshire town don't bat an eyelid when he pops in for something to eat or to find a quiet aisle to sleep in.