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Free anti-smoking curriculum for teachers and free contest entry materials for students are part of the Don't Start program.
The test for them is not to get worried if they don't start well.
EORL CRABTREE has warned the Giants their season could end in failure if performances don't start to improve.
If you win, be happy, enjoy, but if you lose, don't start complaining about the silly things," Robben said.
Drivers, if you don't start your M109 howitzer fight during cold weather, it won't start at all.
The result could have alarming consequences as studies show that children that stop reading at this age don't start again.
Yet he advocates the use of paperless voting computers that break down, lose votes, overheat, and don't start up correctly.
And the 21 grams of saturated fat (a day's worth) in Hardee's bowl and the 33 grams in Carl's (plus its three-day supply of cholesterol) could be a wee problem if the pounds don't start melting away.
Most people don't start a cross-country trip without a map, but they'll do just that with their finances.
We can all make jokes about each other, but you don't start telling people in Quebec they have to speak another language," says Stephen Harper, a member of Parliament.
Don't start munching on bugs from your kitchen floor, though.

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