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Relating to the gratuitous transfer of something as in the nature of a gift.

A donative trust is the conveyance of property in trust set up as a gift from one person to another.

Donative intent is the intent to give something as a gift.


adjective aiding, awarding, beneficent, benevolent, bestowing, bountiful, charitable, conferring, contributory, conveying, endowing, freehanded, furnishing, generous, given away, giving, granting, gratuitous, imparting, openhanded, philanthropic, presenting, providing, supplying
Associated concepts: donative intent, donative trust
See also: gift, gratuity, largess, present, tip
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132) Individuals thereby align their own donative decisions in response to others' collective contributions because calculations of the aggregate distribution or "particular level of .
170) The Restatement (Third) of Property: Wills and Other Donative Transfers would, not surprisingly, make such gifts subject to the elective share.
Such ass curses were carved as verses and also depicted as images on rocks and copper plates that recorded Hindu as well as Buddhist donative grants.
See Left, supra note 76, at 864-65 (explaining how contributors to donative nonprofits rely on government enforcement of the nondistribution constraint "to prevent the entrepreneur from pocketing their contributions when, in fact, there may be nothing in their agreement with the entrepreneur preventing such result").
Bulgarian Donors' Forum is an NGO working towards the development of the donative environment in Bulgaria that unites foundations and companies in the country and aims to provide them with an opportunity and space to share their ideas and experience, related to charity, corporate giving and corporate social responsibility.
Simply comparing the relative differences between those institutions with considerable donative resources and those with fewer, it becomes clear that some highly selective private institutions have not exerted their full pricing power.
Trustees have responsibility for great fortunes settled on trust for donative and commercial purposes.
Gifts of personal property are enforceable only upon evidence of donative intent and some form of delivery, (16) which demonstrates that the donor understood what he was doing.
While it is true that trust arbitration gives rise to a number of challenges not seen in other areas of law, many modern trusts do not reflect any "necessary element of the probate court, or family wealth transfer, or even of donative transfer" (30) that would make the participation of commercial and arbitration lawyers in this discussion inappropriate.
It is hard to believe also that the Schotts had donative intent (an issue that is beyond the scope of this article).