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Relating to the gratuitous transfer of something as in the nature of a gift.

A donative trust is the conveyance of property in trust set up as a gift from one person to another.

Donative intent is the intent to give something as a gift.


adjective aiding, awarding, beneficent, benevolent, bestowing, bountiful, charitable, conferring, contributory, conveying, endowing, freehanded, furnishing, generous, given away, giving, granting, gratuitous, imparting, openhanded, philanthropic, presenting, providing, supplying
Associated concepts: donative intent, donative trust
See also: gift, gratuity, largess, present, tip
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Secondly, consideration may be explained as a mechanism that distinguishes between donatives and gratuitous promises on the one hand and mutual exchanges of promises on the other.
Moreover, Torpe asserts, the donatives pilgrims gave at their pilgrimages' ends enriched already wealthy institutions still further, again effectively at the expense of persons in greater real need of scripturally enjoined charitable sustenance: "[A]t the laste tho goodis, of the whiche thei schulden to pore nedi men and wymmen, these pore men goodis and her lyflode [thei] offren to riche preestis, whiche have moche moore lyfelode than thei neden" (64).
8cm diameter inscribed platter presented as a donative by the Emperor Constans to celebrate his decennalia in AD 342-343, and six shallow 'hemispherical' or segmental bowls (Kalottenschalen), bearing official stamps, and of a form already known to be associated with Imperial donatives.