done again

See: repeated
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He said to himself that he had accomplished this sort of triumph once already, and that what had been done once could be done again.
What had been done could be done again, and he, Martin Eden, could do it and would do it for Ruth Morse.
One has escaped, centuries ago," I reminded her, "and what has been done may be done again.
The work that fate had undone must be done again, and though I must need smile at my imperial honors, I none the less felt the weight of duty and obligation that rested upon my shoulders.
He desired to have that done again, but despite his being very peremptory, and notwithstanding that Barnaby coaxed to the utmost, Grip turned a deaf ear to the request, and preserved a dead silence.
Tis to be done again at three, and then she may be left till morning.
All night long this had been going on, and now the pens were full; by tonight they would all be empty, and the same thing would be done again.
At once Dantes resolved to follow the brave example of his energetic companion, and to remember that what has once been done may be done again.
Now if it could be done again, it must not be so done.
said Miss Ophelia, courageously; "what has been done can be done again.
Right or wrong, if this were to be done again, I think I should do just the same.
It is like something in a play," said Newman; "that dark old house over there looks as if wicked things had been done in it, and might be done again.