done by force

See: forcible
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Khalilzad stressed that bringing stability to the country could not be done by force alone; instead it was essential to bring about economic progress to the Afghans.
Asked if he was circumcised, he said that if he is, it was done by force when he was a boy of ten years, and that all the same he has never changed from the Catholic religion, and on being summoned to reply categorically on this point he did not wish to do it, otherwise than as aforesaid.
He said there were distortions, privileges and even mentalities that needed to change but this could not be done by force.
But I'm glad Saddam has gone and I suppose it had to be done by force.
It can't be done by force, it has to be by personal choice, but since people won't stop smoking to avoid cancer, how are you going to stop them having more than one kid per couple, which is the fastest way to reduce the population.
And it will have to be done by force, because the protesters will not just fold their tents and creep off home.
Some Hindus believe that the conversions to Christianity are frequently done by force.
These works include: maintenance work that is not done by force by the City, the work of major repairs, start-up, as well as general earthworks and preparatory work required for their execution, the new work and work preparations required for their execution, the provision of supplies and materials stored in the repositories of materials and equipment management, road networks, the provision on time, truck loaders and graders with drivers.