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Great things in business are never done by one person.
Today, that same work is done by one person on a machine.
It was at this small publisher that I learned all these aspects are part of picture books, and can all be done by one person.
Although tube feeding can be done by one person, having a second person to hold the kid is better.
NZNO, in its submission, said it had not been properly sized, could not be done by one person and appeared to remove budget responsibility for the nursing workforce and education from the DoN.
But I want to tell you this, nothing of historic proportion is ever done by one person.
Having the entire wedding lettering package done by one person lends a cohesive elegance to the wedding from the receipt of the invitation in the mail to place cards and menus at the reception," says Hurst.
This is a huge feat and can't be done by one person or even a small group of people.
It is unlikely the spray-painting was done by one person, and it is likely others knew about it and are saying nothing.
For example, a 23-mile route might typically take three or four people up to three weeks to complete, but it can now be done by one person in less than a day.
done by one person alone makes it enticing MAKING WAVES J Mirror covers Steve's build-up
The fact that this swim has never been done by one person alone makes it more enticing to me and if the weather and tides allow I am confident that I can make it.