done by one person

See: ex parte
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This is a huge feat and can't be done by one person or even a small group of people.
It is unlikely the spray-painting was done by one person, and it is likely others knew about it and are saying nothing.
For example, a 23-mile route might typically take three or four people up to three weeks to complete, but it can now be done by one person in less than a day.
Long established 35 residential account can be done by one person ,home operated and tiny overhead.
The fact that this swim has never been done by one person alone makes it more enticing to me and if the weather and tides allow I am confident that I can make it.
The cleanout process is quick and efficient and can be done by one person in just a few minutes.
This newly emerged scenario seems to support the US government's assertion that the killings were done by one person, since they would have been perpetrated over a longer period of time than assumed when Army Staff Sgt.
A THE wrong that was done was done by one person only - your father.
We tried to take that movement vocabulary and make it look like (the whole piece) was done by one person.
done by one person alone makes it enticing MAKING WAVES J Mirror covers Steve's build-up
Measuring an entire automobile, for example, can be done by one person without the need for leapfrogging or repositioning of equipment.