done without delay

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Heep, you can retire to think: particularly observing, if you please, that I declare to you, on the part of all present, that there is only one thing to be done; that it is what I have explained; and that it must be done without delay.
Furthermore, farmers have demanded more centres so that purchase could be done without delay.
People want things done without delay and we are now speaking about more than five weeks since we took charge, without anything being done on pending issues," he said.
An assistant to Biondi forwarded the request, but it came back that it had to be done without delay, Lyons said.
If the process is done without delay he could join the team in England by June 21 where Australia begins last of its three matches against Gloucestershire.
We suggest performing a scrotal ultrasound if done without delay on children presenting with scrotal swelling suggestive of incarcerated inguinal hernia to rule out testicular infarction until this issue is addressed by further studies.
In a speech before the 4th meeting of the Group of Friends of the Syrian people which held here earlier today, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim made clear that supporting this coalition, materially and morally and recognition of it and its representatives in various countries of the world should be done without Delay.
Remember to look at yourself; if you are resisting getting your own exam go ahead and get it done without delay.
Department managers have been instructed to supervise activities in their offices to make sure that work is done without delay," he said.
While apologising 'on behalf of members of all parties' the Prime Minister said "where wrongs have to be righted it has to be done without delay.
However, I agree that something has to be done without delay and so will discuss it with the Prime Minister.
If this means a formal request to Europe to allow this to happen then this should be done without delay