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Grill steaks 12 minutes for medium-rare, or to desired doneness, turning steaks over halfway through cooking.
The study didn't look at chicken or fish, says Wei, but "both also contain high levels of HCAs when cooked to the same doneness level.
Consumers may choose to cook a turkey to higher temperatures, depending on personal preferences and degree of doneness desired.
Add 1 teaspoon oil and steak; cook 12 minutes for medium, or until desired doneness, turning over once.
Return steaks to pan; cook 2 minutes on each side or until desired degree of doneness.
Season four pigeon breasts with salt and pepper and place in stock, poaching until desired doneness.
The Volk Cook'd Right Sensor takes the guesswork out of grilling by indicating exactly when a product has reached its peak of doneness.
Choose direct or indirect heat and cooking time based on the thickness of meat and desired doneness, using the chart on page 84.
This difference often serves as a test for doneness.
But according to the ADA/ConAgra Foods survey, nearly three out of four Americans say they do not know the proper temperature to which a whole turkey should be cooked - and more than half (52 percent) do not consistently use a meat thermometer to ensure doneness.
The Culinary Center provides guidance for more than 30 food options and considers such details as food category, food type, desired doneness and type of cookware or bakeware used.
Add the steak and sear for 4 minutes per side, or until desired doneness.