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You can help us by letting moms know that they have the option to donate their extra breast milk or by referring a baby that could benefit from donor milk.
Showcasing New Documentary to Raise Awareness About the Value of Donor Milk
Premature babies have increased nutritional needs above what can be provided by their mother's milk or donor milk alone, so the breast milk that is fed to them needs to be fortified with added nutrients.
In addition, earlier this year Johns Hopkins Children's Center released study results which showed that extremely premature babies fed human donor milk are less likely to develop the dangerous intestinal condition NEC, compared to babies fed a standard premature formula (often referred as preterm infant formula) derived from cow's milk.
The Co-op is dedicated to making donor milk more accessible than ever before and strives to resolve the critical shortage of donor milk that is impacting the lives of premature and sick infants globally.
Because of RiverBend's emphasis on donor milk and breast-feeding support, 60 percent of the 500 babies who enter the neonatal intensive care unit each year receive donor milk during their stay, and 85 percent are able to receive milk from their mothers by the time they go home.
In those cases, we will rely on the generosity of mothers who donate their milk through BayCare's newly established donor milk program, so that donated milk can be safely tested and pasteurized into donor milk or human milk fortifier.
It is concentrated breast milk that is added to the mother's breast milk or to donor milk (if a mother's own milk is unavailable), in order to meet the precise protein and caloric needs of the preemie.
When I finally got to breastfeed my baby he wouldn't latch on and I had to feed him with a teeny jug of donor milk.
A national donor milk bank has been set up at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, to supply and transport donor breast milk to the most vulnerable babies all over Scotland.
Frozen, pasteurized donor milk from breast-milk banks is far superior to infant formula for such a use, provided processing leaves the oligosaccharides intact.
Mothers' Milk Bank is one of 13 milk banks in the United States certified by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, a professional organization representing nonprofit human donor milk banks.