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Schleue-Warden: I've heard DONs say that they're unable to relax on weekends anymore
The DON of 70 years ago did not have to worry about the ethical dilemma created by modern medical procedures.
The Dons go deeper than their six sophomore co-captains.
Through the courses they provide, DONs can receive education that is low-cost and suited to their needs.
Putting a damper on the defensive effort for the Dons was the loss of two starting defensive ends for the season.
For example, DONs and nurse managers should provide staff with a variety of challenging work assignments.
In short, DONs should be able to present their ideas in the context of business strategy, rather than as demands from someone who is always "asking for more.
The Dons had zero net yards of offense in the second half to that point, but came up with a big play at the right time when quarterback Theron Shakir completed a 49-yard pass to Jermone Johnson down the right sideline.
For the past 10 years the Indiana Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (IAHSA) has conducted a retreat for DONs, says Barb Pantos of that agency's office.
The more mischievous of the undergrads at Balliol knew this and made a game of deciding over breakfast which totally inappropriate phrase they would all try to slip by their dons that week.
Justin Tryon scored from one yard out with 6:30 remaining, but the Dons came right back with a 49-yard pass from Theron Shakir to Jerome Johnson.