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Currently, I supervise DONs at all but one of the company's long-term care facilities in New Mexico.
The Dons (10-3) came hard after the punt and smothered the ball after Jimenez blocked the punt and earned redemption for his missed field goal.
These interactive classes assist DONs and others to improve not only supervisory skills but also staff recruitment and retention strategies.
The more mischievous of the undergrads at Balliol knew this and made a game of deciding over breakfast which totally inappropriate phrase they would all try to slip by their dons that week.
The Dons were undone by a sack and a penalty, and Dorsey's Jesus Jimenez missed a 31-yard field goal wide left with 2:44 remaining.
But the Dons know rankings won't mean anything in Division II when the playoffs gets started next week.
Storey: I hope to see DONs develop a more genuinely collaborative role in facility management, including developing budgets and staff ratios and having more control over resources.
junior national team who paced the Dons with two goals along with Ann Edelman, tied the score 5-5 with 1:59 left.
Peck: Do you find that, with today's pressure for good communication and cooperation among clinicians at every level of the nursing home, that relations between DONs, RNs and physicians are improving?
By the same token, in hearing DONs talk in casual conversation, I feel some concern that they might be increasing the burnout by taking too much upon themselves.
The Dons opened their conference season against Palomar, another perennial power.