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She is currently investigating the doppelganger motif in the cinema and its possible grounding in the Kinodebatte of the 1910s.
Doppelganger is a social entertainment company, and producer of the award winning vSide virtual world (www.
The boys, Harry, 22, and 21-year-old Terence, who live in Ashbourne, Co Meath, have not been as lucky as Niamh in finding their doppelganger.
Vampire Diaries' Season 5, Episode 20 'What Lies Beneath' Recap/Spoilers: Hide-and-Seek Game Between Markos and Doppelgangers Stefan and Elena is Over - [(http://au.
In John Boorman's serpentine thriller, a Dublin businessman encounters what he believes is his doppelganger and quickly loses his grasp on reality as friends and family refuse to accept that he is being stalked by a malevolent twin.
Seven carefully screened doppelganger are selected from the many who have responded to the newspaper ad: "Auslandische Mitarbeiter gesucht.
In Tchaikovsky, Eifman seeks to explore the psychological landscape (yes, echoes of Antony Tudor and perhaps Martha Graham, not to mention filmmaker Ken Russell) of the composer's life: his relationship with both his wife and his patron, Nadezhda von Meek, while Tchaikovsky himself is portrayed as a tormented hero with a kind of doppelganger, representing the publicly repressed homosexual side of his nature.
Fortunately, it's all part of the plot for new animated film Doppelganger which has Giggs' full backing.
Simoudis' current directorships include DesiHits, Doppelganger, Vidavee, and Seatab.
The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg is underappreciated office drone Simon, whose miserable existence is made worse with the appearance of a doppelganger who exploits his talent and starts dating the apple of his eye, office girl Hannah (Mia Wasikowska).
During a phone call to Las Vegas a few years back we told the real Lionel Ritchie about his Dublin doppelganger.
London, October 4 ( ANI ): David Beckham's doppelganger is starring in Asda's new clothing range.