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Only the girls from the poorest families in the poorest villages are admitted to the dormitories.
Kalkan was told the dormitories were established with the approval of the Gaziantep governor.
City Engineer Jose Marie Poblete called on owners of boarding houses and dormitories to register with the city so that their buildings will be inspected thoroughly.
There is no dormitories in Batken; students have to rent apartments there.
is the largest company to manage and operate dormitories for students and company employees, and it also operates business and resort hotels.
The two existing dormitories will be demolished in the second phase and replaced with a 29,180-square-foot, 136-bed dormitory.
The dormitories and smaller rooms are basic but adequate, with small wardrobes and wall heaters, although it would be desirable to divide the dormitories into single rooms.
A continuing challenge for prison officials operating 19th century prisons with dormitories is the housing of maximum-security inmates.
2l00, the College Fire Prevention Act, which seeks to require that all university housing and dormitories be equipped with automatic fire sprinkler systems.
The two main functions -- communal activities and dormitories -- take distinct forms: refectory and veranda are grouped beneath the roof of the lofty great hall, with north and east elevations giving onto the view, while bedrooms and washing facilities are aligned in a long, thin range originating behind the hall, to which it is linked by the kitchen.
The cult's facilities consisted of a number of motley buildings, factories, and dormitories.
Each dormitory accommodates up to 48 inmates, and 4 dormitories constitute a unit.