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But after lawyer Fevzi EuzlE-er who agreed with those reactions that the dormitory building spoils the view applied to the Van Chief Prosecutor's Office seeking its demolition, the office investigated and finally agreed that the building should be demolished because it was constructed without a building permit and is not earthquake-resistant.
We are excited and honored to have been selected by the Magnum Real Estate Group to design the new dormitory for The School of Visual Arts.
Sana'a's Capital Secretariat promised in May of last year to provide YR43 million ($200,000) to renovate the dormitory and provide water supplies, new furniture, and needed kitchen appliances such as refrigerators.
While Becker College announced last week it has halted its plan to lease the two homes and use them as a dormitory for up to 30 students, the owners of the homes have not withdrawn petitions they had filed with the Planning Board for those properties.
In this framework, Deiban said, 3,000 students were provided residence, pointing out to the burden the dormitory of al-Baath University had to bear through hosting around 500 students from Aleppo and al-Furat universities.
By the time the fire brigade arrived, most of the dormitory had burned down.
Each dormitory is equipped with a shower system that permits inmates to shower at their convenience.
In the room of a young girl who had cheered on an attack on an asylum dormitory in Hoyerswerda, a television crew found posters of Michael Jackson and Prince.
New York State Dormitory Authority (NY) (general purpose) state personal income tax revenue refunding bonds series 2012A (refunded with new CUSIPs assigned);
8) New York St Dormitory Auth (New York St Pers Income Tax) 5.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Female students residing in the NilE-fer Girls' Dormitory operated by the General Directorate of Higher Education Loans and Accommodation (KYK) in Gaziantep have complained that they are verbally and physically harassed on their way to the dormitory, which is far from the Gaziantep University campus.
Expression of Interest for Provision of Dormitory Furniture.