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A temporary dormitory has been constructed to house students whose population continues to grow following the recent admission of Form Ones.
The guard caught hold of the man and prevented him from leaving the dormitory at the Dubai Academic City before informing his supervisor and the police about the incident.
The new BGC dormitory tower will have 375 units in 16 storeys, offering a total of over 1,500 beds.
There are about 70 to 75 female students in each section of the dormitory and two cookers aren't enough for all of them," said Hind Qatran, a second-year business student.
They expressed concerns about the number of students who would live there, the lack of off-street parking and noise that would be generated by the dormitory.
Director of the Dormitory, Issam Deiban, underscored the efforts exerted by the administration of the dormitory and university to secure residence for all the students.
A school official said the dormitory had been locked from the outside when the fire started when most of the children had retired to bed.
By the time the fire brigade reached the school, most of the girl's dormitory had already burned down and part of the roof and inner walls had collapsed.
The team raised pounds 700 and the money will fund Project Nepal where 40 scouts will build a dormitory for a school in Malemchigaon, Nepal.
If you are a box driver, it is nice to have a good night's sleep - you don't want to be in a dormitory and woken up when people come back late.
These vertical volumes and the several prismatic cuts into the building's outer envelope suggest a reading of the dormitory less as a single parallelepiped and more as an array of conjoined towers.