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The posterior interosseous flap is a fasciocutaneous flap based over the dorsal aspect of the forearm between the radius and ulna.
The sutures were removed from the dorsal aspect of the forearm.
From dorsal aspect, AER and PER straight, and AER slightly smaller than PER.
Embedded in areolar tissue the thoracic dorsal rami accompanied by arteries and veins passes over the dorsal aspect of the multifidus muscle covered by fibres of semispinalis (Chua & Bogduk 1995).
The post-auricular nerve goes to the occipital region, and a branch to the dorsal aspect of the auricle is present.
Clinical aspects include edema that does not respond to diuretics, signs of cellulitis, and the Stemmer skinfold sign (a fold thicker than 4 mm on the dorsal aspect of the second toe suggests lymphedema).
Late in the afternoon on June 28, 2000, a previously healthy 15-year-old adolescent felt a stabbing pain on the dorsal aspect of his left foot as he came out of 0.

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