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Chromatic cues to trap the oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis.
Central sensorial lesions can be caused by multiple sclerosis (MS), syringomyelia, tabes dorsalis, leprosy, congenital lack of response to the pain, cerebral palsy, or a spinal cord injury, whereas peripheral sensorial lesions are caused by DM, alcoholism, infections, poliomyelitis, pernicious anemia, or amyloidosis.
Microtritia minima (Berlese, -- 1904) ** Minunthozetes semirufus -- (Koch, 1841) ** Nanhermannia dorsalis 525 [+ or -] 276 (Banks, 1896) ** N.
Plantar or dorsalis pedis artery bypass in Burger's disease.
1980), the giant damselfish Microspathodon dorsalis is a non-selective herbivore that consumes a large proportion of red algae Polysiphonia (60.
Evaluating blood flow to the diabetic foot includes palpating the dorsalis pedis and the posterior tibial arterial pulses and is a crucial part of the diabetic foot assessment.
Native to Southeast Asia, it was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands in the 1940s and provided excellent control of Oriental fruit fly (Bactrocera dorsalis [Hendel]).
Pomposelli and colleagues published their results of vein bypass grafts to the dorsalis pedis in over 1 000 patients with a follow-up of more than 10 years, and showed a patency rate of 63% with a limb salvage rate of 78%.
Eslik edebilecek erken aterosklerotik degisiklikler actsindan kardiyoloji bolumu tarafindan degerlendirilen hastanin bilateral dorsalis pedis ve tibialis posterior nabizlari alindi.
He also discussed the phenomena of areflexia and reflex inversion and stressed the disappearance of the Achilles tendon reflex in cases of sciatica (1896) and in tabes dorsalis (1898).
dorsalis (Table), which are widely distributed in China and elsewhere.
Her iki ayakta arteria dorsalis pedis ve arteria tibialis posteriora ait nabizlar palpabl idi, isi farki yoktu ancak his kaybi mevcuttu.