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I am, at this moment, exerting my intelligence (such as it is) in your service, under the influence of a dose of laudanum, some ten times larger than the dose Mr.
You may remember, under the influence of the second dose of opium, the place in which you hid the Diamond under the influence of the first.
One or two of those powders introduced into the full bottle of medicine would effectually precipitate the strychnine, as the book describes, and cause it to be taken in the last dose.
I went into the spare cabin where the medicine chest was kept to prepare two doses.
Ransome carried off two big doses to the men forward.
I went in to get it with the purpose of weighing out doses.
The low dose that suppressed aromatase in the rodents was comparable to exposures occurring in the general human population, Andrade's team reports in the Oct.
You can't make a conclusion whether bisphenol A is going to be safe or harmful with current risk assessment models at these low doses," he says.
The third stage of the trial, which begins at week 16 and ends at week 24, allows all placebo patients to crossover to receive either the 100 or 200 mg dose of Reverset, and permits an additional optimization of background therapy and allows for additional longer-term safety data.
The ten-day results, so far available only in a press release from the company, suggest to us that the most effective dose might be higher than any used in that study.
The multicenter study was undertaken to compare the emergency contraceptive efficacy of levonorgestrel and mifepristone, and to determine the feasibility of a single dose of levonorgestrel.
The dose of radiation is typically expressed in terms of gray (Gy) units (1 Gy = 100 cGy = 100 rads), which denote the amount of energy deposited in tissue per unit of mass (J/kg).