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Value, measure, or degree; a charge, payment, or price determined through the application of a mathematical formula or based upon a scale or standard.

For example, an interest rate is determined by the ratio between the principal and interest.

Rate is also used synonymously with tax.


noun amount, assessment, charge, cost, expense, fare, fee, hire, magno, obligation, pace, parvo emere, price, quotation, standard, tempo, valuation, value, velocity, worth
Associated concepts: legal rate of interest, rate of exchange


verb aestimare, appraise, apprize, assess, class, classify, compute, determine, esteem, estimate, evaluate, figure, fix the price of, gauge, grade, judge, measure, merit, price, quantify, rank, reckon, set a value on, tag, value, weigh
See also: amount, appraise, arrange, assess, assessment, calculate, caliber, charge, classify, cost, criticize, differential, duty, earnings, estimate, evaluate, expense, face amount, frequency, gauge, inveigh, levy, measure, organize, par, pigeonhole, price, quality, rebuke, reprehend, sum, tax, worth

RATE. A public valuation or assessment of every man's estate; or the ascertaining how much tax every one shall pay. Vide Pow. Mortg. Index, h.t.; Harr. Dig. h.t.; 1 Hopk. C. R. 87.

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The surveyor watches for the dose rate to significantly rise and then fall so that the source may be bracketed.
Cosmic ray contributions to dose rates for luminescence and ESR dating: large depths and long-term time variations.
Radiation dose rate varies linearly with the cosine of the angle of incidence of the x-ray beam and the sample under inspection.
It can be seen that the heat defect does depend significantly on the dose rate.
For example, it is of interest that those children experiencing the highest estimated background dose rates are those who live in rural areas and in neighborhoods of lowest socioeconomic status.
A judge was told how the container was "found to be emitting a narrow collimated beam of radiation, of a very high dose rate, vertically down from that package base".
It provides mass flow measurement of the material fed into the rotary flavouring drum, allowing the dose rate of powder and liquid additives to be adjusted in proportion.
We believe that the lower dose rate produced a greater reduction on bending strength than the higher dose rate because the kinetic energy imparted from the irradiation exceeded various physio-chemical thresholds within the wood (Figs.
High dose rate brachytherapy as prostate cancer monotherapy reduces toxicity compared to low dose rate palladium seeds.
The extremely low dose rate, from one litre per hectare, is flexible depending on the weed spectrum to be controlled.