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Also, with tea made from spruce needles, with concoctions brewed from the inner willow bark, and with sour and bitter roots and bulbs from the ground, they dosed his scurvy out of him, so that he ceased limping and began to lay on flesh over his bony framework.
David's Hall; you've kept me locked up, dosed me with drugs, brought me down here at the dead of night, kept me a prisoner in a dungeon.
She pitilessly dosed them with her tracts and her medicine, she dismissed Creamer, she installed Rodgers, and soon stripped Miss Crawley of even the semblance of authority.
I renewed the medicine all the three ways; and dosed myself with it as at first, and doubled the quantity which I drank.
For comparison, another group was dosed with 30 mg/kg of the PCB mixture Aroclor 1254 (A1254).