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Se usaron los siguientes acronimos: ISS= "International Seismological Summary", ISC= International Seismological Centre, SSN=Servicio Sismologico Nacional de Cuba, NEIC= National Earthquake Information Center del USGS (Servicio Geologico de los EU), VDD= Van Dusen y Doser (2000), HRVD= "Global Centroid Moment Tensor project" ;81(km), es la distancia entre el epicentro macrosismico calculado en el presente estudio y el epicentro instrumental.
The researcher calculated medication adherence at each weekly home visit by writing down the actuation number shown on the Doser LCD panel and subtracting the previous week's Doser reading from it.
His voice would have drawn them doser to him than I ever could in the middle of summary narrative.
I was about to start a new series of calls to pull the bulls doser when I spotted two cows approaching slowly from my right.
For example, the ColorMatic Ink Doser assists the printer to achieve significant savings in the pressroom by allowing them to use only the amount of ink required to complete the press run, thus reducing inventory and waste.
Steve Doser, annual fund director at the 1,150-student Cornell College (Iowa), says Campuscall has stimulated a significant increase in donor gifts.
Bien conscient du probleme epistemologique provoque par l'absence de distanciation d'un ethnologue, lui-meme joueur d'echecs de competition, l'auteur a cherche en etudiant ses semblables, a multiplier les regards et a doser variablement sur le terrain l'importance de l'observation et de la participation.
Novo Nordisk has developed a prefilled disposable insulin doser, which is designed to administer insulin easily, accurately and conveniently.
The message [of our culture] is to stay young as long as possible, dress and feel young, be fit," says Sister Sarah Doser, F.
These alarms extend the nature and scope of the assurance process, bringing it doser to operations.
As a combined insulin doser and blood glucose monitor, the system offers insulin users the opportunity to make more informed dosing decisions with the benefit of blood glucose test results.