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Captain Wragge suddenly saw his way to the administration of another dose.
Inglethorp had taken the last dose on the day of her death.
Ransome carried off two big doses to the men forward.
Claypole taking cold beef from the dish, and porter from the pot, and administering homoepathic doses of both to Charlotte, who sat patiently by, eating and drinking at his pleasure.
The ordinary dose is six of these rinds, and I had devoured twenty.
His mother put him to bed, and made some camomile tea; and she gave a dose of it to Peter!
Have some of this," said he, and gave me a dose of some scarlet stuff, iced.
By tea-time, however, the dose had been enough, and Mr.
His gayety was at an end; he could no longer summon up even a forced smile; and, at the first puncture of the needle, flinched so piteously, that the captain was obliged to pause, and to order him a powerful dose of alcohol.
When I was collecting dose liddle monkeys-it was in '79 or '80, und I was in der islands of der Archipelago-over dere in der dark"-he pointed southward to New Guinea generally-"Mein Gott
If Oz had taken a dose of the same courage he gave me," added the Lion, "he would have been a brave man.
I gave him a sufficient dose of veronal to insure his unconsciousness for several hours.