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DOTE, Span. law. The property which the wife gives to the husband on account of marriage.
     2. It is divided into adventitia and profectitia; the former is the dote which the father or grandfather, or other of the ascendants in the direct paternal line, give of their own property to the husband; the latter (adventitia) is that property which the wife gives to the husband, or that which is given to him for her by her mother, or her collateral relations, or a stranger. Aso & Man. Inst. B. 1, t. 7, c . 1, Sec. i.

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The bull in Boucher's preliminary grisaille sketch is more pleasing as he turns his trim head to gaze dotingly at Europa (Amiens Musee de Picardie, 1733).
At one point, for instance, she says nastily that the woman "is behaving as if she is a pleasant woman," and the next moment she says dotingly, "I think she is so beautiful" (134).
99IT'S a classic - that picture of Princess Di in an amazing Eighties green spotted smock affair, looking dotingly at baby William, while Prince Charles looks on with a kind of ``so what's that you're holding'' expression on his face.
Looks dotingly at Knight) Don's such a good shot, that we thought it would be more fun to go out for a few days shooting on our own.