double back

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Other memorable moments included the first-ever two rider mini bike combination jump, FMX rider Josh Sheehan attempting his first-ever double back flip, and a number of world first stunts with crazy contraptions thrown off the 50-foot Giganta ramp, including a drink cooler with wheels, a boogie board, a "Barbie" car, a side car BMX bike, and a number of back flips on kids' tricycles.
This too was cancelled and so was ushered on to a Swansea train and told to change at Bridgend and double back on myself.
The multiple narratives consistently double back on themselves (the credits appearing somewhere in the middle of the film), recasting the film's genre (is it a musical?
no eyes" speech): "Kyd's poetry aims rather to articulate an entangling web of relations, and its force depends on the preserved tension between urgency of individual feeling and the necessity, imposed by the social structure of the represented world, to postpone, double back, 'go by' (as Hieronimo famously described it) in rhetoric as in action" (72).
The building's structure requires visitors to traverse the museum in a single direction and then double back in order to exit.
But throw the same rock forward a bit harder, and it would actually double back over your head and strike the surface behind you.
Maverick nominees include Ryan Capes, FMX - Moto jump 137 feet; Shane Dorian, Surf - Teahupoo barrel; Brad Gerlach, Surf - 68 foot wave; Travis Pastrana, FMX - double back flip; Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg, FMX - 154 foot back flip; and Danny Way, Skate - Great Wall jump or hard Rock bomb drop.
Then, just as he tentatively creeps off to Cornwall, the Libyan rebels seize Tripoli and he must double back to London.
Carrick's opponents this Saturday share only the Rangers name for similarity with the Banbridge visitors only in their sixth season in existence compared to the East Antrim side who were formed in the 1930's and have an illustrious cup history with an Irish Cup and Intermediate Cup double back in their glory days in 1976.