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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

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Hachez admits that the bass is not the most popular instrument, usually providing support to others like the violin, but he said respect for the double bass is growing as some players strive to prove its strength.
Jay soon joined with rhythmic plucking on the double bass.
Baltacigil has become the first Turkish double bass player to perform in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.
MUSIC MAN: Ciaran Brennan plays double bass for delighted customers in Lynham's pub, a far cry from work with star sister Enya, below
Huitzilin Sanchez shines on the keyboards in perfect tune with Miranda's brass, Miguel Cabuto's double bass and PedroApodaca's drums in the almost schizophrenic "Recapitulacion"--another glorious peak.
He began playing bongos, then learned to play trumpet, piano, and the double bass.
Don Ehrlich, viola Scott Pingel, double bass Andrei Gorbatenko, conductor Dittersdorf- Sinfonia Concertante Schubert- Symphony no.
Edgar Meyer, the double bass virtuoso with a wide-ranging audience, is returning to The Shedd for a classically focused concert on Wednesday.
A BENEFIT cheat caught after investigators saw him jumping around playing a double bass in a trio that included a former Emmerdale and Birds of a Feather actor has been jailed.
The band - Gustavsen on piano, Tore Brunborg on saxophone, Mats Eilertsen on double bass and Jarle Vespestad on drums - has recently been playing in the US, including the San Francisco Jazz Festival, and their London concert last weekend was sold out.
Meanwhile, Jane is also trying to trace music lover Buddle's most precious possession - his double bass.
In the celebratory 20th year of their formidable partnership, award-winning singer songwriter Steve Knightley and multiinstrumental wizard Phil Beer will be back on the road with regular guest Miranda Sykes, the stand-out double bass player and vocalist.