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28) For Operation Fortitude, Robertson identified the five Double Cross agents that he deemed to be most reliable in German eyes: Brutus, Bronx, Treasure, Tricycle, and Garbo.
This is seen as a direct consequence of Operation Fortitude, of which the Double Cross spies are seen as the key element.
Nevertheless, Double Cross is a "wonderfully entertaining, cleverly written story" (Christian Science Monitor) that will charm--and elicit laughter from--a wide readership.
Media Contact: Devin Wilson Double Cross Vodka dwilson@doublecrossvodka.
After Double Cross earned the company its first non-Friel success, Kilroy became a member of the board.
When the Gallery Press version of Double Cross was published eight years later in 1994, Kilroy wrote another, expanded introduction to the play.
Last December The Maltese Double Cross was withdrawn from the London Film Festival for legal reasons.
The spirits consumer is seeking an elevated drinking experience, and Double Cross is the vodka that will redefine the industry's perception of luxury vodka," states Double Cross CEO Malcolm M.
Seven-times-distilled and filtered in the foothills of the stunning Tatra Mountain range, Double Cross uses only 100 percent organic, estate-grown winter wheat and mountain spring water drawn from aquifers located 200-feet below ground level.
Covering the Church's perpetration of human misery from pre-medieval times to the Crusades to its tacit cooperation with the Holocaust and its ills of the modern Day, Double Cross examines how the Church has structured its power base, policed thought among its members, engendered corruption, fostered violence particularly against non-Catholics, espoused anti-Semitism, and perhaps worst of all among modern-day offenses, denounced nearly all forms of family planning as well as condom use, thereby causing overpopulation and assisting the spread of AIDS particularly in the poorest nations that can least afford either.
If that's not a double cross, I don't know what is.
marshal who goes to heroic lengths to protect an innocent witness (Vanessa Williams) caught in a government double cross, the movie marks a return to the hard stuff for Schwarzenegger, whose recent films (``The Last Action Hero,'' ``True Lies'') have parodied movie violence, or in the case of the family comedy ``Junior,'' avoided it altogether.