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Luke Shaw takes on oxygen as he leaves the field after suffering a double fracture of his right leg
Ms Mitchell suffered a double fracture to her eye socket.
He was hit again by Thomas Bowen and then kicked, leaving him with a double fracture to the jaw.
He was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital suffering from a double fracture to his jaw.
FORMER Livingston star James McPake is set to miss the rest of the season at Coventry City after suffering a double fracture to his lower back.
He has signed up to do the sponsored abseil after making a full recovery from a very bad accident three years ago which left him with four fractures in his pelvis, haematoma in his stomach, a broken nose, fractured cheekbone and a double fracture to the front of his skull.
He began a conversation with the victim before leaning over his seat and punching him to the side of the face causing a double fracture.
But the former Newcastle midfielder made just three appearances for the club before suffering a double fracture of his right leg in a Carling Cup tie against Bristol Rovers in August 2007.
A LABRADOR was caused pain and suffering when its owner failed to have it treated for a double fracture, Birmingham Magistrates were told.
Mrs Jenkins, who lives in the Church Stretton area, suffered a double fracture of her right leg and cuts.
The Brazilian, who suffered a leg break while playing for the Gunners in 2008, kept in contact with the Welshman while he recovered from his own dreadful double fracture in 2010.
The CT scan revealed a double fracture of a vertabra and a crushed vertabra in his neck and JP had to have an operation to insert rods in his back.