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Unless people spot the signs telling them about Double Vision, they just make a beeline for the viewing window to take in the sweeping views of the bridges or The Sage Gateshead.
I knew my elbow would recover but it wasn't until a couple of months after the accident and my elbow had healed a bit that I got double vision.
John Evans, chair of the Merseyside branch of the medical charity Myasthenia Gravis Association, said: "We decided to target opticians first, as one of the early symptoms of the illness affects the eyes, with double vision and drooping eyelids - sometimes they close altogether.
The brain has to ignore one of the images to prevent distressing double vision.
But with the headaches and double vision that come and never seem to leave, it has become clear that concussions are changing the face of the game.
The swelling had spread to the contralateral medial canthus, and he occasionally experienced double vision.
A peculiar double vision exists when it comes to the way art-house critics view foreign and American films, a myopia most ludicrously apparent in John Patterson s rabid denunciation of The Straight Story, which ran in the LA Weekly and concluded with the sneer: "David Lynch meet Bill Bennett--you guys are gonna get along just fine.
We encourage athletes to see their eye doctor on a regular basis -- every one to two years -- and pay close attention to symptoms of potential vision-related problems such as slow reaction time, frequent headaches, occasional double vision and inconsistent sports performance.
Pink Sheets:FTFY) announced today that the company has retained the services of Double Vision Design to design the interior of the Fit After Fifty studios with an exciting 50's-themed decor.
CUSTOMERS browsing for bargains in a Midland charity shop could be forgiven for thinking they have developed double vision.
Manufacturers warn it could lead to drooping eyelids, double vision and excessive tears.
And hebelieves there will be no favourite in the Premiership race until the three giants lose their double vision.