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But almost more serious is the double-dealing with the British public, where on the one hand Gordon Brown has completely refused to give his opinion on the release of this mass murderer, but on the other hand was content for the Libyans to be told that he shouldn't die in prison.
The intricate web of backstabbing and double-dealing that began in the first volume of the series continues, but to the mixture is added a good dose of sorcery and lesser magic.
But Belfast man Freddie Scappaticci would spend the rest of the year denying he was the man in question - until he was later grilled by the IRA about his double-dealing.
Dump the car on their doorstep, take them to court for breach of contract and sue them for inconvenience, stress and double-dealing.
This is territory that Corrie has steered away from before, leaving all that gangster infighting to EastEnders and Brookside - but it has been played out well with real tensions caused by double-dealing.
Tomorrow the traitorous double-dealing Nina should get her come-uppance in the final episode of the "real time" drama on BBC2.
Double-dealing time, in the sense of an account of the fabrication of the piece before our eyes.
All the while, evidence that the dictator was abusing his own people, not to mention double-dealing behind Washington's back, was pooh-poohed both publicly and privately by U.
For others he will be remembered as a double-dealing politician who talked out of both sides of his mouth.
But his daring leaves him in trouble when he discovers he's under suspicion of double-dealing.
The various threads weave together well to form an intricate web of backstabbing and double-dealing.